Best Laser Tag Gun Set For Kids

10. Toy "Matti" "Stop Life" Infrared (IR) laser tag "Blasters for Children"
Laser Tag Guns Set รข€“ 4 Pack Multiplayer Laser Tag Game
This set includes a yellow, blue, green and red blaster, as well as four reversible team vests. It has many important functions and excellent light and sound effects. It also has a variety of different game settings, such as battles for everything, solos or teams, and every blaster is interchangeable. In addition, these blasters are the rocket, machine gun, shotgun and pistol. Moreover, they have hyper-realistic sounds. In addition, this Deluxe kit includes four reversible vests for the team or individual games.

9. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack

It is equipped with a full two-player system that allows you to fight in a hyper-real battle of lasers. In addition, it has two Phoenix LTX tags for fun competitions. In addition, it has tags that record vibrations, sounds and lights. In addition, it has Phoenix LTX tags that use a class 1 LED, infrared light.

8. The best choice of products Kids Laser Tag Set Gun Blaster W / Multiplayer mode, 2 pcs.

This amazing set of laser tags allows adults and children to fight in multiplayer mode. It has four blaster settings, which are characterized by different levels of ammunition, as well as a number of possible strikes. In addition, he has three lights that show the number of lives left with each player who is given nine lives. In addition, it registers the hit and has infrared reception tracks with a maximum distance of 40 meters, so it is ideal for outdoor and indoor parties.

7. Kit for laser marks of the dynasty for children (2 pcs.)

This remarkable set of laser tags has both explosion settings and command settings that are compatible with every blaster. This set includes two laser blasters, which is one white blaster and one blue. In addition, it is very safe for your child, since his explosion is the goal, so your child does not need to wear a vest.

6. Infrared laser tester Kidzlane

This is a game with four teams, which allows you to organize amazing battles with your friends. It has four gun settings, which are a rocket, machine gun, shotgun and pistol, and also spray the enemy. In addition, they light up, and also vibrate during shooting with a maximum shooting distance of 130 feet. In addition, this kit is very safe for your child, so it is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

5. Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Label

This is an extreme four-lamp set of laser tags, which has 4 different command settings. In addition, it allows you to choose from four different weapons parameters, such as a rocket launcher, a machine gun, a shotgun and a pistol. Moreover, no waistcoat is needed, since the blaster is the target. It allows you to choose between a command of white, green, orange or blue color. In addition, it is safe to use with a maximum impact of 132 feet.

4. Laser X 88016 Set for laser game with two players

This incredible set of laser tags allows you to detonate your opponent's vest from a distance of up to 200 feet, with full-color light effects that allow you to track your shots and shots. It has an interactive voice trainer that gives hints and feedback when playing, you can plug in headphones, and hear sound effects and a soundtrack to the laser X. In addition, it is interchangeable with other sets of laser markers X.

3. Infrared laser tags and vests - Laser battle Mega Pack Set of 4 - infrared 0.9 mW

This allows you to turn your backyard and house into a laser tag field, it has a shooting range of 150 feet, the direction of voice navigation, a night vision flashlight, invisibility mode and target vests. This is also a multi-user set, allowing you to play up to four teams. In addition, it produces realistic shooting sounds and tactile vibrations for exciting games. In addition, it is made of high quality material for durability. Best Laser Tag Gun Set For Kids